About Us

We are introducing a new concept in to your world. We get this inspiration from largest grocery store in India and from their Services and experiences . We are Experienced E-commerce professional in Kerala and Other states in India. We know the Customer Requirements, also We are providing wide range of Products,that is about 4000+ grocery products which includes Daily needs,Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, Meat, Frozen,Personal care products etc…
100% customer satisfaction is our aim. So the customers can buy products with full of faithfulness.
We Are dealing with Your Needs.. Thank U

Our Products

After this concept generated we are tie up with Some Super markets and Margin Free Markets therefore we will give good Discounts to the our customers.Wide range of Products available throught this our website. Our main Product categories are Rice,Flours,pulses, Diary products, cleaning agents, Personal care products.

Our Delivery

We Online Basket have daily 2 Delivery slots  from Morning 12am to 3pm and Evening 6Pm To 9Pm. Our Delivery available entire Trivandrum City. Happy Shopping

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